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Local Reception - 6-9pm,Saturday, April 4th.
Opens Online - Noon Eastern Time, April 5th.
Pots from this exhibition will ship on April 17th.

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Charlie Cummings Gallery Artists

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Noel Bailey
Marian Baker
Margaret Bohls
Catherine Boswell
Nan Coffin
Nan Coffin
Carole Epp
John Glick
Mel Griffin Martha H. Grover
Mel Griffin Martha H. Grover
Amy Halko
Lisa Hammond
Autumn Higgins
Amy Halko
Meredith Host
Rob Kolhouse
Rob Kolhouse
Martina Lantin
Melissa Mencini
Mark Nafziger
Gillian Parke
Ronan Peterson
Monica Ripley
Matthew Schiemann
Matthew Schiemann
Yoko Sekino-Bove
Leland Shaw
Amelia Stamps
Amelia Stamps
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