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June 5 - 26, 2015
Exhibition opens online June 6, Noon local time.
Pieces from this exhibition will ship June 26th.

Functional Canvas

Participating Artists

Benjamin Carter, Adriana Christianson, Chandra DeBuse, Harris Deller, Susan Dewsnap, Julia Galloway, Becky and Steve Lloyd, Beth Lo, Ron Meyers, CJ Niehaus, Richard Peterson, Audrey Rosulek, Yoko Sekino-Bové, Grace Sheese, Rebekah Strickland, and Sue Tirrell.

Curator’s Statement

The vessel as a functional, three-dimensional form provides both an interesting problem to solve and an exciting opportunity for ceramic artists who are passionate about drawing, illustration, painting, and carving. Constrained by the function of an individual vessel form such as a cup, plate, or pitcher, each artist yet has room to play in treating the surface and pushing the form to suit the demands of the explored concept that drives the work. Ceramic artists whose drawing, painting, or carving skills are impressive in their own right find a playground on the surface of the vessel, and a masterpiece worthy of canvas or fancy paper is improved by the vessel as the vessel is improved by the surface design.  Transcending mere decoration, this kind of surface work creates an invigorating dynamic among surface, form, and function.

-Varian Wolf


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