Cup: The Intimate Object IV

Juror: Linda Arbuckle

Nov. 19th, 2005 - Jan. 6th, 2006

Reception Nov. 19th 6 - 9 pm

Welcome to the fourth year of our annual Cup: The Intimate Object exhibition series. This year's exhibit was juried by renowned ceramicist Linda Arbuckle, known for her majolica-glazed functional earthenware for which she has received a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. Linda's work will be included in the exhibit.

Congratulations to all five prize winners - Liz Smith - First Prize; Annette Gates - Second Prize; Amy Halko, Lorna Meaden, and Keith Schneider - Third Prizes. Click here to view the exhibition, or you may select an artist individually from the list below. Please contact Charlie at (260) 458-9160 or if you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces featured in the show.


** Denotes Juror's Choice Award

• Hadi Ali Abbas • Annette Gates** • Jane Powers
• Jamie Adams • Brian Geier • Joy Elaine Praznik
• Chris Archer • Jim Gottuso • Anne Rafferty
• Stuart Asprey • Vanessa Grubbs • Steven Roberts
• Alicia Benoist • Amy Halko** • Stephen Robison & Kathleen Guss
• Bethany Benson • Holly Hanessian • Louise Rosenfield
• Rachel Berg • Lana Heckendorn • Daniela Rumpf
• Timothy Bergelin • Jennifer Hill • Keith Schneider**
• David Beumée • Barbara Hoffman • Carol & Richard Selfridge
• Jean Burnett • Niel Hora • Allison Coles Severance
• Sarah Burns • Mike Jabbur • Grace Sheese
• Kira Campbell • Gregg Jabs • Sunny Shultz
• Sally Campbell • Marlene Jack • Liz Smith**
• Benjamin Carter • Shane Keena • Joanna Beth Stecker
• Linda Casbon • Jennifer A. Lachtara • Pamela Theis
• Brooke Casssady • Kristy Lombard • James Tingey
• Ashley Chavis • Chris Longwell • Ann M. Tubbs
• Steven Cheek • Michael Maguire • Cynthia Vardhan
• Tim Christensen-Kirby • Leslie Maloof • Jennifer Wankoff
• Michelle Clesse • Tony Martin • Kurt Brian Webb
• Mark Cole • Todd A. Matteson • Wynne Wilbur
• James Coquia • Ken McCollum • Aaron Young
• Joe Davis • Paul A. McCoy • Dimmie Zeigler
• Andrew M. Denney • Lorna Meaden** • Anna Velkoff Freeman
• Linda Doherty • Maureen Mills • Tammy Marinuzzi
• Jonathan Brower • Ross Minzenburg • Linda Arbuckle
• Rachel Euting • Kate Shakesha Murray • Peter Beasecker
• Hannah Fisher • Richard Nickel
• Kate Fisher • Benjamin Kyle Peterson
• Tommy Franks • Reginald Yazid Pointer

Juror's statement

The cup appears a humble object, but it's one of the artist's and collector's favorites. By the time we reach school age, most people have had personal experiences with a cup. It's a form we pick up to use, bring up to our face, and contact with our lips. You can't get much closer to an audience than this. The intimacy and hands-on contact of the cup make it an engaging vehicle for an artist to speak to an audience about personal vision through multiple senses.

The cup is also an accessible object for patrons. Many cups are small-scale distillations of the particular artist's vision, and can easily housed in a small domestic space, to be enjoyed over and over. The daily dilemma of which cup to select in a cupboard full of different voices is a delightful focus on the importance of personal vision as one goes about daily life.

Sculptural cups play on these relationship to ask us to think about what we know of cups and our experiences with them, and entertain the information that often denies use, but in that conflict makes a particular expression of the artist's thought for the audience to ponder.

My thanks to all who entered the show. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the works represented, and found it a challenge to narrow the numbers to what the gallery could effectively display. Additional thanks to Charlie Cummings, who cares a great deal about clay and artists, and works diligently to showcase good work in a professional way.

- Linda Arbuckle

Cup: The Intimate Object IV